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Molly Bianca Butches Up

One of the after effects from the eviction was the cat belonging to the Wife Beater’s daughter which they just abandoned along with the rest of the detritus from their nasty existence.

I hadn’t initially realised that they owned the cat that I’d christened Crappy Nappy due to it’s predilection for depositing on the front garden. (No, I didn’t take photos!) It must possess acrobatic skills to have even assumed the stance over the hebe bush let alone deposit the faecal parachute which then adorned the shrub until the next rainfall!

Only once did I see the cat being allowed into the house and it spent most of the time hunched up in all weathers on the coir front door mat or attempting to access the wheelie bins, presumably for food. I was still shocked to see that even during the extremely cold winter of 2010/11 that the cat had still not been allowed inside and was attempting to keep warm on the drain covers in the road which had managed to thaw a little in the snow covered icy conditions.

The cat is a long haired black Persian type which had a thick matted coat hanging down in chunks. It did look uncomfortable especially as winter warmed and gave way to the spring of the eviction. When we realised that Crappy Nappy had indeed been permanently abandoned, I arranged with the cat rescue people that if we could catch it then they would organise vet care and neuter it if necessary. My Auntie, 20 odd miles away also agreed to re home it so not only would I have been able to sort the act out it would also remove my cat soiling problem – a result!!

Operation “cat capture” began and was entirely unsuccessful. Clearly I’m more gatherer than hunter. A few tins of tuna “bait” later, still no bounty and the irony that I was providing the raw fuel for the deposits! Fortunately, it emerged that another neighbour had felt sorry for Crappy Nappy and had secretly fed it through the winter. She was prepared to take it on permanently and had arranged for it to go to the vets. Her very young daughter had already declared it had always been called Molly Bianca. Of course, in the way that young children can be very convincing we all believed her and so Molly Bianca she became.

Until, of course she returned from the vets, completely shaved down to pink blotchy skin and with the irrefutable proof that it was a neutered male! Molly Bianca had once been the possessor of a set of knackers! Another neighbour vaguely remembered it had been called Charlie and so overnight Molly Bianca became Charlie.

To this day, Charlie is still around although he has a proper home to which he returns and stays inside when the weather isn’t pleasant. The hebe bush has been dug up and whilst the deposits are an occasional problem they aren’t on the scale they used to be.

Charlie’s fur has almost grown back – the photos show him when it started to return. It did look so awful at the time that my next door neighbour who was unaware was going to report it as she thought he’s been the victim of cruelty.

The vet only left the fur around his feet, head and tail so that he looked like a cross between a poodle and an attempt at topiary.

Coming Soon – “Meet The Scruffs”

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The Eviction

I heard from the neighbours that the landlady of the Wife Beater’s property, after spending many months and much money had finally achieved a Final Eviction notice. They were supposed to have been removed in the February of this year but she had to wait until April 2011 for the courts to grant her eviction notice even though the tenants had not paid the rent since July 2010.

As the day of the eviction grew closer I did think they were still going to remain in residence as the daughter’s lurid pink bedroom furniture was still very much in evidence. However, in the early hours Mr Wife Beater and a lackey turned up with a rental van and loaded up a few more random belongings leaving the garage full of black bin liners and general junk which horrifically turned out to include a stash of animal porn.

The daughter, a mean looking bag of snarling nastiness made sure that the cat basket was also loaded onto the van although from the way she was swinging the box it appeared empty. Incidentally, I was told that the previous year, when she was about 12 she was pole dancing in her bedroom window which is on the third floor! She’d removed the safety catches and was using the centre of the window frame as a make shift pole. It does rather make me wonder exactly what these feral children witness within the home.

I was hoping to see a stand off with the bailiffs who were due at noon, but Mr Wife Beater like all bullies, are really cowards and choose their fights carefully. So, the family and the hired help clambered aboard the van and left.

When the locksmith arrived and gained entry he looked in horror at something on the wall inside before continuing inside. Eventually, the bailiffs turned up and also left.

Locksmith and Bailiffs

The landlady arrived and was also horrified at what was on the wall as was the Wife Beater’s next door neighbour and they photographed it.

Later that afternoon I did eventually find out that they’d daubed F**k You in PVA on the wall as well as continuing the obscenities through the house. PVA means that as it’s a raised surface it can’t be simply overpainted so clearly they’d thought their nasty actions through to wreak the most vengeance.

They had used “No Nails” to seal up every kitchen cupboard and unit and also placed stinking deposits through the house. The police weren’t interested as it was a civil matter and breaks no law which I found incredible.

Coming Soon – “Molly Bianca Butches Up”

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