Seven months ago and swayed by Internet photos depicting contemporary living over 3 floors I moved into a rental property on a quite new Barrett estate. Working and sharing with another artist, the flexibility of multi floored living appealed and visions of sipping Chablis on the Natuzzi whilst being closer to my ageing mother seemed an ideal aspiration.

The previous place, a large Edwardian house in a semi rural location had lost it’s appeal..not helped by the large garden and sixties mod cons and so the contract was duly signed. We realised when we moved in that we had been lured by photos which had been taken when the property was brand new and that previous tenants had not been so careful…or clean – I didn’t realise that mould would grow quite so well in an oven!

Whilst we had emphasised our qualities in large letters NO CHILDREN and NO PETS on the initial application form we hadn’t quite realised that it was merely the ability to pay the rent that secured the tenancy for those who had gone before.As the winter has peeled away to spring the true nature of this estate is being revealed. I have felt compelled to write this blog to document the weird sights and happenings I witness on a daily basis.


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