The Descent of Man – Part 2

21 Mar

“Their way of relaxing” takes a rather different form on occasion. Whether it is the getting back to nature aspect which drives them or just a bit of exhibitionism I don’t know. My neighbour has complained of witnessing far more than she would like which one day did include seeing the shadows on the living room wall of, shall we say, let’s find the turkey gobbler! Probably not the image Cliff Richard had in mind when he innocently sang about “the dim light casting two silhouettes on the shade”.

But I suppose on that occasion at least, they were indoors although we’d all wished the curtains had been drawn that night.

The al fresco by the fire pit stuff is without a doubt the most frequent. I could refer to it as the activity behind the sheets of love. But that may well conjure up an image of a curtain of silk when in reality it’s an acrylic pet blanket from the pound shop.Yes, replete with a paw print pattern! All I can say is with all that nylon and friction I hope he keeps his rubber soled sandals on. Just saying!

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Posted by on March 21, 2012 in The Scruffs


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