The Scruff’s Cat Gets “Knocked Up”

17 Mar

Four dogs and two cats are still not enough for Mrs Scruff and as she added to that collection with yet another kitten. Something else to cuddle.

Kitten number two is now just over six months old and judging by the sudden appearance of every tomcat in the immediate area is now receptive. Barely a kitten herself, “Nokia”, (the one that looked like a mobile – see Blog entry “The Official Hoax Letter”)  was being stalked by a motley gang of misfits. Topcat was never like this!

So it won’t be long I imagine, that Mrs Scruff will have an entire litter to cuddle and the circle will begin again. Cat number one has shown no interest so I expect it’s a female and neither has cat/kitten number three. If kitten number three is female then this is going to become an ongoing problem as I expect that this too will not have been “done”.

There really is no excuse and even if they can’t afford, odd then they can afford a PS3 (I’m treated to the sight of Mr Scruff boxing on his days off) there are plenty of local charities who will help out to prevent the cycle of unwanted animals.

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Posted by on March 17, 2012 in The Scruffs


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